Kalahari, one of Dokumacı’s new collection for 2018, drives its inspiration from Africa. Pure and natural just like the African culture, Kalahari brings together stylised tribal designs and richly textured weaves in an impressive way.

Isolated from the traditional colours of African designs, Kalahari collection is re-interpreted in contemporary colours such as orange, indigo, smoke grey and cinnamon, creating its strong and modern look.

Gorgeous chenille textures, digitally printed jacquard velvet upholstery fabrics, incredibly supple linen draperies, stone washed linen plains and gold leaf printed panel sheers, all with natural compositions, offer strikingly stylish options for contemporary decoration trends. One of the most remarkable item of the collection is an elegant upholstery fabric with a beautifully interpreted Ebru marbling design.

Kalahari, where natural yarns meet contemporary weaving and finishing techniques, is offering sophisticated fabrics for charming and elegant interiors.

Natural, pure, impressive and stylish...