Persan Home Studio's new indoor / outdoor collection Fiji Collection consists of high-performance fabrics suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.

Bringing together the aesthetics and performance required for a stylish space, Fiji attracts attention with its exciting color palette. Fiji, which makes a striking impression with color combinations such as navy blue, orange, sunny yellow, green and turquoise offers stylish options with different textures that are suitable for use both in interior spaces and in areas such as terraces, gardens, poolsides, boats and yachts.

Fiji's wide range of fabrics have easy-to-use features for all interior and exterior spaces where high performance is expected. Fiji offers a comfortable experience with its long-lasting, easy-to-clean surfaces that are resistant to UV rays, anti-mold, anti-bacterial and water-repellent.

The collection showcases various geometric patterns that create a three-dimensional effect through intricate braiding. Furthermore, the collection contains patterned velvet that features a two-tone effect, which is perfectly complemented by stripes made using special curl yarns. Additionally, the collection includes small reported patterns, plains, and textures that are unique and refined.